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Next Available: Weeks of December 2019

We guarantee that 25% of the contract amount will be spent on advertising directly back to landing pages showcasing your OTC Stock. 

Landing page examples:

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REG A+ Marketing Services

• Our guarantee is that 25% of the contract amount will be spent (over the 7-day period) on advertising directly back to landing pages showcasing your OTC Stock. Influencers, ads to landing pages, ads on crypto sites. Screenshot receipts are provided each day of the campaign. This type of guarantee is not found anywhere else on the Web.

• Effective landing pages created for the OTC Stock on,,

• Custom ads created for targeted traffic to the landing pages, creating a funnel effect.

• Full marketing blitz during any phase.

• At least three newsletter alerts sent out to and newsletter subscribers.

• Leaderboard banner placed above-the-fold on each page of and

• Promotion across major social media including OTCPromotions, & accounts.

• At least 15 posts onto SpeculatingStocks Social Network for Investors spread throughout the week.

• Widget for the specific stock symbol placed on each page of and

• ‘BUY’ Sentiment placed on the specific coin symbol by SpeculatingStocks and re-iterated throughout the week.

• Vote ‘UP’ placed on the symbol by and featured prominently on its homepage and listing page.

• SpeculatingStocks will “Follow” your OTC on the SpeculatingStocks Social Network for Investors.

• Press release written and released by

• Featured on the homepage of and

• Listing page created on and

• Newly created listing page is linked at the right sidebar of all individual crypto pages on

• Listing is published within the OTC Promotions directory.

• Blogposts related to the OTC are published on

• Blogposts shared via various OTC groups including on Facebook and Telegram.

• Further buzz created through sharing amongst various investor networks and other outlets.

• Campaign runs 7-days.

Call +1 724-599-9110 for Further Details.